Google Drive


A great tool to allow you to access you work from anywhere you have internet access, including you cell phone (download the app)

Google Classroom

***Adding Photos

  1. Click the Insert drop-down menu from the toolbar and select Image.
  2. Depending on what image you'd like to add to the document, select from the following options:
    • Upload: Choose an image from your computer and click the Select button.
    • Take a snapshot: Use your webcam to capture an image to use in your document.
    • By URL: Type the URL of an image from the Web and click Select.
    • Your albums: Choose an image from one of your photos albums stored on the web.
    • Google Drive: Choose an image stored in Google Drive.
    • Search: Search the stock photography archive, or the Google and Life archives, and select an image.

  1. Once you've found what you were looking for, click the image and the Select button.
To delete the image from the file, click the image itself, and press the Delete key.
You'll be able to add images in any of these file types: .gif (not animated), .jpg, and .png. Images must be less than 2 MB and at this time, it isn't possible to insert images in files on mobile devices.

ANother way is to search on google
hold control and choose "copy image"
go to the place you want the photo
paste the picture by command (apple) V

***Add borders and crop images in Google Docs & Slides


  • You can do mostly anything you can do on Microsoft Word with google Drive
intro and doc intro (up to about 5)
sharing docs (5:??-7)
creating folders 7-8
eye icon - details 8-
sharing 10 -15
uploading - 15

***Word Count


  • Presentation is comparable to Microsoft Power Point
  • Adding animation - go under VIEW menu
  • Adding Word Art - go under INSERT
  • Using Transitions - Go under SLIDE menu
  • To edit the master slide so all the slide have the same text, style etc (do before starting, it won't change what you have already started) - go under SLIDE -> Edit Master...

***Adding video into a Presentation

You can add a video from YouTube into your presentation. Here’s how:
The video will appear in your presentation. Once you’ve started playing a video, you can maximize it to the full size of a slide by clicking the full screen icon at the bottom right of the video.
  1. Go to the Insert menu and select Video.
  2. Then, search for a video you'd like to insert or enter a URL from YouTube.
  3. After you've selected a video, check the box next to the video's thumbnail and click Insert Video.


***How to copy a drawing into Presentation/Document

Adding a drawing into slides:
  1. Sign in to Drive at
  2. Open a drawing.
  3. Click the Edit menu.
  4. Hover over “Web clipboard” and select Copy entire drawing to web clipboard.
  5. Open the Google Doc or Slide where you want to insert the drawing.
  6. Click the Edit menu > Hover over “Web clipboard” > Click the drawing name.
  7. A copy of your drawing has been added to the file.

In Google Slides, you can also easily copy the drawing by clicking Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C on your keyboard (Cmd+A and Cmd+C on a Mac) and pasting it onto a slide using Ctrl+V (Cmd+V).

***Hand in work via Classroom