Grading Policy 5-8

Grades in computer class grades are based on both a daily grade given in my class and the completion and accuracy of projects and EFFORT in class. 60% classwork/behavior (from 0 - 100 pts) and 40% projects.
It is the STUDENTS responsibility to make sure I have their projects (either drop it to me or share via Google).
Students turn in assignments electronically and sometimes they do it incorrectly and I don't get it, or even know they sent it; this is their responsibility to make sure I have it.

If I don't have it or it was sent wrong - the grade is a ZERO - as if it were not done.

All assignments received after the next class period will receive a grade no higher than 70

*I feel if the student has a 0 on their interim it will draw their attention to it so they know it must be turned in. If I left it blank and then turned it into a 0 at report card time then they'd be shocked with a lower grade than expected. The ZERO is to alert the student that they MUST turn in their work.*

Daily grades are given to every student in the class.
The will be recorded in the gradebook every few weeks as an average (about 2-3 classwork grades per marking period - more if I see your class 2x per week).

Grades are based both on EFFORT in class and BEHAVIOR. I feel if a students is doing more talking then working, imagine how much they could accomplish if they stopped talking. They are not working as hard as they could be if they were quietly working. It is also disruptive to the learning environment and to students who need quiet to complete their work. This does effect a student's grade. I see each class 1 or 2 times a week, which does not give us a lot of time to complete our assignments and learn all the great things computers can do.

Students are EXPECTED to respect the learning environment