Rules, Policies and Procedures

School Expectations:

  • R - be Respectful
  • O - be Obedient
  • A - have a positive Attitude
  • R - be Responsible

Computer Lab Expectations:

  1. Follow all ROAR expectations - that will look like...
  2. Students entering the class as described below
  3. students working on their own work
  4. students staying in their seat
  5. Students using inside voices - working QUIETLY
  6. raising hands to ask the teacher their questions (not the person next to them)

Entering Computer Lab:

  • Go to your ASSIGNED seat
  • Please face your body forward
  • Wait for directions BEFORE doing anything (including logging in)

Leaving Computer Lab:

  • When told, save your work and log out
  • Push your chair in
  • WAIT to be called to get in line until your teacher arrives
  • get in line as youre teacher instructs (size order?) on the YELLOW line