1st grade - Tech Lit Lab 2 - Computer Basics

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PA standards – NETS.6.PK-2: Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems and operations.

Objectives -
  1. Know the basic parts of the computer, vocabulary and symbols of technology
  2. Identify, discuss, and represent visually uses of technology (e.g., computers, cell phones, digital cameras) at school and home.
  3. Identify and discuss physical components of a computing device (e.g., CPU, monitor, keyboard, disk drive, printer, mouse).
  4. Use common computing devices and resources in class activities.

Warm up – review computer parts and how to play the different game of the day

Tech lab #2

Evidence of best practice – students will watch a demonstration of the game/lesson before preceding to play/practice the skills on their own.

Resources - Computer and various websites

Assessment - Teacher will circulate and observe computers/students work, technology rubric, observations, teacher questioning

Websites (Use Interactive Whiteboard where possible.)
  1. Kindergarten Computer Literacy Lessons (review from K)
  2. 1st Grade Technology Literacy Lessons

Web Activities - all checked by me :)
  1. Moving the mouse Double Clicking Drag and Drop
  2. Take a Trip - driving the car/mouse through the to
  3. ABC Match
  4. Story Bear's The Wishing Tree*

Printable - Computer Glyph

using starfall uses basic computer skills as well as improving reading skill