What's a flutter?

Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions.

  1. How does a butterfly begin its life?
  2. How many stages are in the life cycle of a butterfly?
  3. List the stages?
  4. What do caterpillars eat?
  5. Look at the pictures of the chrysalis and the emerging butterfly.
  6. Look at the pictures of the butterfly unfolding its wings. Describe what happens in this metamorphosis in your own words.
  7. How many parts does a butterfly have?
  8. Name the parts of a butterfly.
  9. Where does a butterfly get its color?
  10. What does a butterfly eat?
  11. Look at some Butterflies of North Carolina
  12. Which one is your favorite?
  13. Read all about butterflies.
    Play some games:

    Butterfly Maze

    Butterfly Concentration Game